What do we do?


  • We provide advice adapted to the profile of the customer, who decides to live or stay abroad for a long term. This is not the same as going on a holiday for a few weeks. What it is though, is having the same good holiday feeling in a region for the rest of your life! We bring you to the right people and the right place to find the property that you are looking for. 
  • We stand by your purchase up until all administrative requirements are met, including notary and taxes, to ensure you can move in to the property carefreely. 
  • We take care of the preliminary work
  • Ensuring you are welcomed in English or accompanied by ourselves
  • Reception at the airport
  • Providing an accomodation during your stay to do the viewings
  • Arranging a rental car, if need be
  • Guidance on the purchase of furniture, if desired
  • Arranging your NIE number
  • Providing a bank account at the bank of your choice, with arrangement of the standing order for utilities, second residence fees, land tax, insurance, property management, …
  • As after service we can be your point of contact, both in Spain or in Belgium, for often small, but important issues that may arise ain the period following the inclusion of the property. This usually while you are not in your second home and cannot go there at the moment.